On the run from a drug deal gone bad, Mike Ross, a brilliant college dropout, finds himself a job working with Harvey Specter, one of New York City's best lawyers.

Genre: Drama

Director: Aaron Korsh

Country: USA

Duration: 44 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2011

IMDb: 8.5

Season 1 - Suits
"A \"closer\" for one of New York City's most successful law firms decides to hire an aloof genius who has passed the bar but never went to law school as his associate."
"Mike has an ethical dilemma when Louis forces him to make a decision that could hurt his relationship with Harvey. Elsewhere, Harvey's past comes back to haunt him during a case."
"Jessica hopes Harvey's promotion will reign him in, but when a crisis arises with the first client he brought into the firm, Harvey goes rogue trying to fix it."
"Harvey and Jessica's relationship is tested when Harvey defends someone from her past. Also, Louis assigns Mike his first solo case, a pro bono that has him itching for a win."
"Mike's life becomes complicated when an old friend reappears and needs his help. Harvey must decide between closing a multi-million dollar deal and helping his trusted driver defend himself against a law suit."
"Harvey and Mike work to save a woman wrongly accused of insider trading. Mike helps Rachel study for the LSAT, only to find out she is on the brink of discovering his closely guarded secret."
"Mike takes on Louis' prot\u00e9g\u00e9 during a mock trial, but his conflict with Rachel could hurt his chances of winning. Elsewhere, Harvey works on a merger between two hotel chains, but his past with the opposing counsel complicates matters."
"Mike is tasked with reigning in a modern day Robin Hood whose illicit deeds are putting a client's business at risk. Also, Louis must resolve his differences with Harvey to win a case. Amanda Crew and Bruce Altman guest star."
"Harvey meets his match in a cocky opposing counsel in a class action lawsuit, and Mike unknowingly helps frame Rachel as a traitor to the firm."
"Harvey must fire an accountant for falsifying his credentials, but Mike finds a more sinister motive for his termination and becomes concerned about his own employment. Meanwhile, Louis thinks he's found his future wife."
"Harvey's former mentor turns to him for help when his office comes under investigation. Meanwhile, Jenny suspects Mike may be occupied with more than just his job."
"Harvey's efforts to free an innocent man hit a wall when he goes against the new district attorney, who seems more focused on the integrity of the system than justice."
Season 2 - Suits
"Mike is trusted to close a major lawsuit. Harvey must decide whether or not to defend Mike and his secret."
"Mike confronts Rachel while Jessica approaches Harvey looking for support for Hardman's return."
"Mike has to handle complications and finds himself caught in the middle of the battle between Harvey and Daniel, and Louis meets his match."
"When Travis makes a return causing trouble Jessica and Harvey must work to hide it from Daniel. Meanwhile, Louis and Mike grow closer but Louis' paranoia threatens to ruin their new bond."
"When Jessica decides to put him in second chair on a lawsuit which could potentially make or break the firm, Harvey feels undermined. However, his 'back seat driving' might just have far reaching consequences. Meanwhile, Mike's case sees a young tennis pro pitted against his trainer, who also happens to be the athlete\u2019s father, and Donna deals with the fallout from the Coastal Motors case"
"Harvey's personal history with a client forces he and Mike to take on an unorthodox case from which they'd normally walk away. Also, Louis and Rachel team up to save a mutually beloved institution from ruin."
"Harvey turns to a former colleague for help in proving the firm's case."
"Mike and Harvey reflect on how their past decisions have impacted their situation."
"Harvey must close the person with the deciding vote in the firm's future."
"Harvey needs Mike's help as the battle for control of Pearson Hardman reaches its climax. But Mike drops off the grid following a dramatic turn in his personal life."
"Harvey and Mike take on a criminal suit that hits close to home for Mike, who struggles to separate his personal feelings from the facts of the case."
"The war with Daniel may be over, but the battle has left Pearson Hardman vulnerable, and Harvey must protect the firm from a rival whose attack seems as personal as it is professional. Louis and Mike are forced to pay the price for previous actions."
"Harvey goes head to head against Robert Zane, Rachel\u2019s father, on a gender discrimination case that forces Rachel to confront her complicated relationship with her Dad."
"With the resources of the firm stretched to the limit, Daniel Hardman returns with an outrageous lawsuit against Jessica."
"Dana \u201cScottie\u201d Scott returns to complicate Harvey and Jessica's battle against Hardman. But this time, she's brought the full force of her British firm."
"Harvey\u2019s vision for the firm\u2019s future clashes with Jessica\u2019s when a British firm offers a tempting proposition."
Season 3 - Suits
"Jessica's new partnership is tested; Harvey must prove a high-profile client's innocence; Mike tries to manage the fallout from his revelation."
"Louis offers Mike a future-changing case; Harvey and Jessica work together to bring down an old nemesis."
"Cameron has Harvey's client arrested for murder; Katrina tries to win over Louis; a British version of Harvey arrives at the firm."
"Harvey\u2019s defense of Ava hits a roadblock when the interests of her murder trial are at odds with Louis\u2019 work to thwart a hostile takeover of Hessington Oil by a rival businessman."
"Lines between the personal and the professional get blurred when Harvey and Stephen work together on Ava's case, and Mike invites Rachel to join him on a case that gets complicated when his secret falls in the line of fire -- with Rachel's parents."
"Cameron continues to use dodgy tactics on Ava's case; Rachel visits law schools; Mike reflects on the past."
"Harvey and Stephen clash over Ava's case; Harvey and Jessica strategize; Louis gets Rachel's help with a broken contract."
"As Ava Hessington\u2019s murder trial begins, Harvey, Mike and Jessica fight off betrayal from both inside the firm and out. Meanwhile, Louis and Donna seek to even the score with those who have done them wrong."
"An old nemesis returns; Harvey and Scottie are on opposing sides again; Louis ends up in Sheila's crosshairs; Mike and Rachel are under Jessica's scrutiny."
"Trust issues are brought to the forefront; Harvey and Scottie battle again; Louis wants to handle the dissolution talks; Mike wants to move forward in his relationship with Rachel."
"Things get complicated when Harvey mixes business with pleasure and gets caught between Jessica and Scottie. Painful memories plague Mike as he uses a case to exorcise demons against an old foe, while Louis\u2019 suspicions threaten to expose Mike."
"Both Mike and Jessica lean on Harvey for support when things from their respective pasts throw them off their game."
"Harvey faces an old rival from law school; Jessica tries to stay out of Louis and Scottie's feud."
"A major client demands that Harvey and Mike perform an unpleasant task; Louis faces a difficult challenge; Laura collects an old debt."
"A persistent attorney goes after one of Harvey's clients; Mike is faced with a difficult decision; former name partner Charles Van Dyke returns with revenge on his mind."
"Things are anything but business as usual when Harvey and Mike find themselves at odds with a tenacious U.S. Attorney. Scottie and Harvey can\u2019t seem to get on the same page and Mike and Rachel clash over plans for the future."
Season 4 - Suits
"Mike and Harvey adjust to their new paradigm. As they butt heads over strategy in Mike\u2019s first foray into investment banking, their new attorney-client relationship may be short-lived. Meanwhile, Pearson Specter discovers that a disgraced former District Attorney may be pursuing a vendetta against Harvey and the firm."
"Harvey and Mike find themselves on opposite sides of a takeover battle that threatens to turn into a knockdown, drag-out fight \u2013 a fight complicated by Rachel\u2019s relationship with Mike. Meanwhile, Louis finds himself partnered with recent SEC defector Jeff Malone in defending Pearson Specter from disgraced DA Eric Woodall."
"Pearson Specter\u2019s client, Logan Sanders, pushes Harvey to prove his relationship with Mike won\u2019t hinder him from doing what it takes to win their takeover battle. Meanwhile, Louis attempts to mend his relationship with new colleague Jeff Malone, but their ensuing bonding leads to some misunderstandings."
"Having lost his partner on the inside, Mike moves to a hostile takeover of Gillis Industries. On the other side, Harvey and Louis pull out all the stops to make sure they win this takeover fight, and things take a personal turn. Meanwhile, Jessica and Malone come face-to-face with Sean Cahill, the attack dog with the weight of the SEC behind him, bent on bringing The Firm down."
"Rachel becomes increasingly anxious about work, school, and the growing attraction between herself and Pearson Specter client Logan Sanders. Meanwhile, Louis helps Donna prepare for a major role while she encourages him to face his fear. Harvey and Mike agree to a ceasefire, but Sam accuses him of collusion and Mike learns how ruthless his new partner can be."
"When Sean Cahill brings Pearson Specter client Logan Sanders in to the SEC for questioning, Harvey tries to put an end to the Gillis Industries takeover. But when Mike continues to play hardball, Louis sees an opportunity to make a name for himself by saving the day. Meanwhile, Rachel must contend with the fallout of a moment of weakness."
"Rachel brings disturbing news while Mike is still reeling from the aftermath of the battle for Gillis Industries. Feeling Harvey is his only friend left, Mike makes a rash decision. Meanwhile, Jessica asks Louis to pick his own reward after his victory for the firm."
"Mike and Rachel work closely with one another while Jessica and Harvey try to outmaneuver Sean Cahill. Meanwhile, Louis tries to hide evidence for the sake of his career."
"Sean begins a round of depositions for the SEC investigation, endangering the employees at Pearson Specter."
"Harvey and Jessica take measures to protect the firm; Louis tries to get his affairs in order."
"Louis is gaining leverage in his quest to become a name partner of the firm and the Pearson Specter team is dealing with the fallout of Louis learning Mike's secret."
"Harvard ethics professor Henry Gerard seeks Harvey's help with a case that requires a lack of ethics to win. Mike, meanwhile, does his best to not be spotted by the professor, whose class he never took; and Louis tries to wine and dine a socialite CEO."
"Harvey and Louis take a drive to aid an out-\u00ad-of-\u00ad-town client to whom they both have deep ties; and Harvey uses the opportunity to force a confrontation between Louis and Mike about their trust issues. Meanwhile, in a flashback, we discover the root of Harvey and Louis\u2019s competitive relationship in their early days at the firm. And Mike first learns the limitations of his genius when it comes to the law."
"Mike takes on a humanitarian case that could potentially harm firm business."
"Evan Smiths offers new evidence that nullifies the firm's victory against Liberty Rail. Harvey and Mike scramble to save the Liberty Rail case; D.A. Wolf comes after the firm; and Jessica and Malone try to adjust to their new circumstances."
"Cahill needs help from Harvey in order to make his case against Woodall and Forstman; Rachel and Mike deal with their different relationships with Harvey; and Donna helps Louis with a crisis. "
Season 5 - Suits
"Mike and Rachel's engagement is put on the back burner as Donna leaves Harvey to work for Louis. Harvey is in denial and is confident she will return, but will he be able to handle it when he discovers she's not bluffing?"
"Jessica thinks that Harvey is putting out his \"Donna anger\" on Louis, as an ambitious senior partner tries to take on Harvey's salary. Rachel's dad insists that Mike and Rachel sign a prenup."
"Harvey uses some star power in his conflict with Jack. Robert Zane to co-counsel is brought in by Mike."
"Harvey steps outside his usual area of expertise, in order to take a case from a client who has a special tie to the firm. Mike and Zane work their class-action case together, but Mike learns they have different ideas about what constitutes a win - for themselves, and for their clients. And Donna counsels Louis on the best way to settle a feud."
"Harvey faces old rival Travis Tanner, who claims to be a changed man, in a case. Harvey's sessions with Agard reveal the influence his past has on his present. Jessica tasks Louis to fix things with Harvey, but the plan may make an enemy of Jack."
"Harvey reels from Dr. Agard's revelation about the root of his panic attacks and has to make a tough decision in a case that touches a nerve. Mike and Louis take over responsibility for Harvey's oldest client. Donna tries to make Rachel's dream wedding possible."
"Mike teams with Jack Soloff on a case. Esther Litt returns to P.S.L. in hopes of discreetly solving a problem. Donna and Harvey try to return their friendship to normal."
"Jessica does damage control in the wake of Harvey punching Louis, just as Jack Soloff and Daniel Hardman are looking for weaknesses to exploit. Meanwhile, Donna counsels both men on how to rectify their issues. And Mike must find a way to turn down his recently announced promotion without raising suspicion - while he and Rachel combat an opposing attorney who holds the key to uncovering his secret."
"Rachel and her mother, Laura Zane, plan for Rachel's dream wedding, but Rachel fears the event may reveal Mike's secret. Meanwhile Daniel Hardman and Jack Soloff make their move against Jessica and the partners, as Harvey and Mike tangle with Hardman's mysterious backer, and Louis tries to find Jack's Achilles heel."
"Jessica and Louis attempt to rally the partners to prevent the takeover attempt by Hardman and Soloff. Mike and Harvey both have to deal with demons from the past as they make potentially life-altering decisions."
"Jessica and Harvey have to come up with a defense, even though Mike is guilty. Rachel must come to terms with her family's reaction to the news that her fianc\u00e9 is not the person he claimed to be - and that he could soon be in prison."
"Mike and Louis must identify an anonymous tipster in order to diffuse a damning piece of evidence. Gibbs isn't just after Mike, she's set her sights on Jessica and Harvey as well."
"With time running out before Mike's case goes to trial, Harvey and Mike are at odds over their strategy, and just what lengths they'll go to in order to defeat Gibbs."
"Time is running out before the trial and Mike wants to represent himself. Harvey wants lead and challenges Mike to a showdown. Louis attempts to get Sheila out of the picture for good."
"Louis thinks about Anita Gibbs' offer of immunity. Rachel offers Mike advise on how to win over the people in the courtroom."
"With the judgment just around the corner, it threatens to ruin the lives of the people closest to Mike. Mike makes one last play."
Season 6 - Suits
"Mike transitions to prison life while Harvey, Jessica, Louis, Donna and Rachel deal with the fallout of Mike\u2019s plea deal and try to prevent what\u2019s left of PSL from collapsing."
"Louis, Jessica and Harvey fend off a class action lawsuit from PSL\u2019s former clients. Meanwhile, Mike runs afoul of a fellow prisoner due to reasons beyond his own control."
"Mike tries to stay safe without violating Danbury\u2019s unwritten rules. Jessica and Harvey try to land a whale. Louis searches for an office tenant. Rachel goes up against a fellow student."
"Mike considers a deal that could reduce his sentence. Jessica and Louis take different approaches to deal with tenants. Rachel represents a death row inmate."
"Mike tries to gain Kevin's trust. Harvey enacts a risky plan. Jessica tries to mend the firm's reputation. Rachel hits a roadblock. Louis enlists Donna's help."
"Harvey defends Sutter from Cahill. Mike's past threatens to derail his mission. Rachel and Jessica seek evidence to re-open a case. Louis woos Tara."
"Harvey, Louis and Donna search for a missing link to Sutter's inside trading. Mike takes measures to get Kevin on his side. Rachel and Jessica deliver bad news."
"Harvey counters Cahill's star witness. Mike tries to deliver a witness himself. Jessica and Rachel try to delay Leonard's execution. Louis adjusts to life as the other man."
"In order to protect Mike, Harvey considers putting Gallo back on the streets. Jessica and Rachel get Bailey's case re-opened. Louis deals with anxiety over Tara."
"Jessica and Rachel fight to save Leonard Bailey. Harvey and Louis try to keep clients from abandoning ship by wooing their oldest client."
"Harvey, Louis and Donna plan for a future without Jessica; Mike adjusts to life as an ex-convict; Rachel considers her options."
"Harvey tries to repair a broken relationship - leaving Louis, Donna and Rachel to manage PSL in his absence. Meanwhile, Mike gets a helping hand from an unexpected place."
"Rachel receives a letter that creates an unexpected issue for Harvey and Louis. Mike's mentorship of Oliver and Marissa gets put to the test. And Donna gets a surprise from the IT department."
"Harvey and Mike walk a fine line when they partner on a class action. Louis needs Rachel's help impressing a client during an annual presentation. Donna and Benjamin refine their product."
"When Mike's class action hits a snag, it might cost him more than the case; Harvey, Louis and Rachel consider getting their hands dirty; and Donna and Benjamin seek an investor."
"Mike needs Harvey and Rachel's help to overcome an impossible obstacle, or his dream of becoming a real lawyer is over. Donna's new venture hits a snag. Louis tries to patch things up with Tara."
Season 7 - Suits
"Mike returns to Pearson Specter Litt as Harvey takes the reins. Louis manages the new class of associates, while Donna and Rachel find their places in the new world order."
"Harvey butts heads with his partners over a bold move. Mike pursues a pro bono case with the legal clinic. Donna's actions raise tough questions at the firm."
"Louis and Harvey wrangle with new firm dynamics. Mike's latest success brings him unexpected new business. Rachel's leadership is challenged by an insubordinate associate."
"Harvey, Louis and Donna must get on the same page - and fast - when Bratton Gould comes after PSL for poaching an attorney. Mike and Rachel struggle to make time for their wedding plans."
"Mike juggles his work obligations with his promise to help a family; Harvey asks for Louis's discretion in a sensitive matter; Donna vets a possible addition to the firm."
"Mike deals with the blowback on his prison case; Harvey tries to tell Donna about his relationship with Paula; Louis' past behavior comes back to haunt him."
"Harvey learns the scope of Alex's involvement with the prison case; Mike tries to keep the case alive; Lipschitz forces Louis out of his comfort zone; Donna tries to balance work and life."
"Harvey and Mike seek outside help; an unexpected encounter derails Louis' search for a new associate; Donna receives a proposition."
"Mike proposes a power move to boost business; Harvey's past causes complications; Rachel's father wants to join forces; Louis mentors Brian."
"After their power move gets countered, Mike and Harvey end up with their backs are against the wall. Rachel worries about her father's clouded judgment. Louis helps Alex."
"Harvey and Louis fight to protect the future of the firm from its past; Alex worries Mike's instincts could risk a client relationship; Donna and Harvey delve into the aftermath of their kiss."
"Harvey has to call in an old debt for the firm. Mike goes toe-to-toe with an unlikely opponent. Louis comes to terms with his new role."
"Harvey is forced into a difficult decision when the impossible is asked of him. Mike and Rachel try to make time to discuss their future. Louis struggles with the rules of his relationship."
"Mike's attempt to distract Harvey with a case backfires. Louis tries not to let emotion affect his judgment in a legal duel. Donna finds a way to prove her worth to the firm."
"Harvey and Louis are blindsided by an attack against Specter Litt. Meanwhile, Mike can\u2019t turn his back on the clinic when a class action suit overwhelms Nathan and Oliver."
"Season Finale. It's all hands on deck as Louis, Donna and Alex defend the firm, while Harvey aids Jessica on a case; Mike and Rachel juggle their commitments to the firm, the clinic and each other."
Season 8 - Suits
"Following the merger, Harvey and Zane grapple over who should lead the firm. Louis tasks Katrina with culling the herd, but doesn't like her decision. Donna helps her see beyond the numbers."
"The transition continued to cause headaches as Harvey and Donna get their first taste of how Samantha operates and Alex tries to impress Robert Zane."
"Harvey\u2019s good deed puts him on a collision course with the firm\u2019s landlord, David Fox. Alex pursues Samantha's former client. A medical condition jeopardizes Katrina\u2019s shot at Senior Partner."
"Alex is caught between Harvey and Zane as Louis struggles to overcome a shocking setback."
"Harvey confronts his personal issues to defend his brother. Louis sacrifices for family."
"Harvey and Louis assess their relationship. Donna doubts Samantha's motives for helping her."
"Donna's agreement forces Harvey to help David Fox. Alex comes to Zane's aid on a personal venture."
"Harvey helps Samantha settle an old score. Louis faces a hurdle on the path to fatherhood."
"An old foe backs the firm into a corner. Samantha and Alex try to broker a peace between clients."
"When Harvey and Zane can't stay on the sidelines, Donna does what's best for the firm."
"Harvey laces up for a rematch against an old foe. Louis struggles to hold the reins of the firm."
"Louis learns the finer points of managing Harvey. Alex is caught between Samantha and his wife."
"Harvey and Donna are caught in the crosshairs when Stu is blackmailed; Samantha revisits her past."
"Harvey's forced to choose a side when Samantha and Scottie go toe-to-toe. Louis represents Lipschitz."
"Donna's relationship complicates a deal for Harvey and Alex. Samantha helps Louis get justice."
"When Hardman comes looking for retribution, the firm rallies to Harvey's defense."
Season 9 - Suits
"Harvey and Samantha fight to keep Zane's name on the wall. Alex warns Louis of the consequences."
"The firm faces the repercussions of its actions. Samantha enlists Katrina to help an old friend."
"Harvey takes a case to send Faye a message. Louis finds a new opportunity."
"Faye decides to take action against Harvey and Donna's relationship. Harvey looks to impress Donna's father."
"Samantha finds herself caught in the middle of a tricky situation when Mike picks a fight with Harvey."
"Harvey makes a play to get Samantha's job back. Katrina faces off against an old friend."
"Harvey and Samantha head out on a road trip together. Louis gets in over his head with a potential client."
"An old foe forces Harvey to account for past actions. Esther has a problem only Louis can solve."
"Mike helps Harvey overcome a personal loss and an attempt to take down Faye grows more complicated than what was originally anticipated."
"Facing its potential destruction, the partners must go all in to save the firm."